The Panthers released Matt Kalil, should the Vikings be interested?

Earlier today, the Carolina Panthers released veteran left tackle Matt Kalil to clear $7.25 million in cap space.

After starting his career with the Minnesota Vikings, Kalil signed on to play with his brother in Carolina and started every game for the Panthers in 2017. 2018 was a different story as Kalil suffered a knee injury and missed the season.

So, it's the question that we have to ask about every player that gets released this time of year, should the Minnesota Vikings be interested?

Given the fact that Kalil plays a position along the offensive line, the answer has to be yes. After retaining Anthony Barr to a multi-year deal, the Minnesota Vikings are strapped for cash like nobody's business this season. As big name free agents are going for big time contracts so far this year, the Vikings are going to be on the hunt for bargains. They'll be looking for experience, they'll be looking for depth, Kalil brings both of those things to the table. The injury should knock his price down and despite the fact that he fizzled out here his first time around, he's still better than many of the other options out there.

At this point in the race, the Vikings can't be too picky. When a player of Kalil's caliber, whatever caliber you think that is, becomes available and should do so at a reasonable price, you have to make the call.

Bringing Kalil in gives you options for depth at left tackle, gives you the opportunity to move someone from left to right and then gives you a chance to move someone from the island on the outside into a guard spot.

At least put a call in. He may not be interested, he may demand a starting role, he might be too expensive, but it can't hurt.

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