It's Been Confirmed That a Tornado Touched Down in SW Rochester

It was the biggest storm of the year so far that caused a lot of damage to homes and knocked down quite a few trees.

Now the National Weather Service has confirmed that it, in fact, was a tornado that touched down.

The NWS says that winds reached approximately 107 miles an hour and the tornado was EF-1 strength. it was about 75 yards wide and on the ground for a mile and a half and lasted about 4 minutes.

Luckily, there were no injuries reported.

According to the National Weather Service: "Clusters of thunderstorms across central Minnesota turned into a line of storms that moved through southeast Minnesota and into neighboring parts of Iowa and Wisconsin during the late afternoon and evening hours of Tuesday, June 4th.

Hardest hit was parts of Dodge and Olmsted Counties in southeast Minnesota where large hail (up to baseball size), a brief tornado, and damaging winds occurred. An EF-1 tornado heavily damaged trees and at least one home in southwest Rochester. Winds hit near 70 mph at the Rochester International Airport and other areas in southwest Rochester.

In addition, low clouds and turbulence with the clouds led to numerous reports of funnel clouds and rotation."

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