Report: Big Ten set to cancel 2020 college football season

College football stars around the country have been voicing their opinions on having a college football season in 2020. The ongoing concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic had already eliminated non-conference play, but it looks as if that has been taken a step further. 

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Big Ten has already selected to not play in the fall of 2020. Dan Patrick announced on his radio show Monday morning that the presidents of the Big Ten voted 12-2 in favor of not having a football season this year. The two schools that voted for having a season were Nebraska and Iowa. 

The Big Ten would be the first Power Five school to negate the 2020 season. Nothing has been officially released by the Big Ten, but they are supposed to officially make an announcement sometime on Tuesday. 

Many other players have taken to Twitter to show their support of the #WeWantToPlay movement but it’s not in their control. Things could get interesting if a certain conference decides to play while other conferences eliminate the season. 

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